Louis Vuitton Sells ‘Airplane Bags’ For ₹29 Lakhs, Twitter Says ‘Can Buy A Plane For Less’

Several designers in the fashion industry have lost their minds. While this sounds a bit extreme, how else does one justify selling telephone-cord necklaces, train seat-cover crop tops, and blanket bags that cost way more than your three years of college education combined?

And now, in a new addition to the ‘Bizarre items sold at a bizarre price’ list, Louis Vuitton is selling ‘Airplane Bags’ for Rs 29 lakhs. It’s a brown bag that’s shaped like an airplane. Literally.

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I mean, why would anyone in their right minds buy this?

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More importantly, why would anyone sell this?

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While pictures of the airplane bags made people online crack hilarious jokes, some pointed out that there were actual planes one could buy at a much lesser price than the bag. Have a look:

Kalyug hai yeh. Ghor kalyug!

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