Artist Who Turns People Into Mythological Figures Draws Lord Ram, Twitter Reminded Of SSR

A few days back, digital paintings of an artist, named Karan Acharya, in which he turned people into mythological figures went viral and received a lot of love. The artist is back with yet another work of brilliance, however this time, his art made people emotional.

A client provided the artist with a picture of his father, who is a Lord Ram devotee, and asked him to use his imagination to include Lord Ram in the picture.

Image source

And as expected, the artist delivered brilliantly!

Image source

Karan Acharya then took to Twitter to post the beautiful picture. Have a look at his tweet here:

However, people on the internet were immediately reminded of Sushant Singh Rajput! Many pointed out the striking similarities Lord Ram’s figure had with SSR.

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Others praised his work as well and called it “magic”.

The talented artist has unknowingly given a beautiful gift to SSR fans. Don’t you think?

May he continue to create magic!

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