13 Painful Things Every Girl With Long Hair Goes Through


Long hair is a serious head turner and girls who sport long hair look gorgeous and charismatic. However, it is not easy to maintain the length and quality of their hair. There are times when long hair literally comes in their way and annoys the hell out of them. Want to know how? Read on…

1. Sometimes, girls with long hair end up chewing on their tresses while eating their meal

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Wow, that’s a long hair. Eeww!


2. Riding on 2 wheelers is a task. If left open, hair starts floating like a dupatta or if tied in a bun, helmets don’t fit

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It’s a lose-lose both ways.


3. Going to Indian toilets with hair left open is next to impossible

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Oh no!


4. When sitting in the car, they have to make sure that their hair is inside completely

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Or else hair might just get stuck in the door. Also, if the windows are rolled down and hair is left open, nightmares turn into reality.


5. They can’t stop people from playing with their hair

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It can be really annoying. People also use their hair to experiment various hairstyles on them.


6. A single sachet of shampoo/conditioner is never enough

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Especially while travelling.


 7. Speaking of shampoo, drying their hair is a real hand breaking task

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It takes a lot of time and energy.


8. They can’t wash their hair in 15 minutes

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It takes minimum half an hour to wash their hair properly.


9. While waking up in the morning, their hair gets stuck under their elbow, which inevitably makes them hurt themselves

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10. The only comfortable hairstyle for them is a long plait

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Other hairstyles will take hours and leave their tresses tangled for life.


11. Hoods are never useful for girls with long hair

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Either the hood doesn’t fit on a bun or the hair doesn’t fit inside the hood.


12. They can never hide their hair fall problem

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By the length of that one strand of hair, it becomes obvious who’s got hair problems.


13. They have to think 1000 times before going to a windy place

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Then their hair is constantly in their face, not letting them see what’s ahead.

Long hair definitely looks beautiful, but it is a lot of hard work. It demands a lot of care and protection, but it also becomes the identity of that person. There are many perks of having long hair, the best one I feel is head banging at concerts. It looks super sexy, and not to mention how it’s a turn on for men. So, in the end, it’s all worth it. Not just boys but even girls are turned on by long hair. 😉

People who have long hair, I deeply appreciate your efforts to maintain them. Stay long, Stay pretty. 🙂

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