Kanpur Man Marries Woman He Met While Feeding Those In Need During Lockdown


Every once in a while we come across stories that make us believe in fairytales. Like, this woman who walked 60 km to marry her boyfriend amid the lockdown. I mean, it goes without saying that love knows no bounds!

Speaking of which, a man married a woman who he had met during the lockdown. Anil, a driver by profession married Neelam as their love story blossomed in the 60 days of the nationwide lockdown, reports Times of India.

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It all started when Anil was distributing food to the needy and he saw Neelam begging on a nearby footpath. Anil, who was doing the work on the instructions of his employer, started talking to her. While doing so, he came to know her tragic situation.

Neelam’s father had died a long time ago. So, she and her mother used to live with her brother and sister-in-law. However, when her mother suffered a stroke, they threw them out of the house, reports Times Now. With nowhere to live and a scarcity of resources, Neelam took to begging to feed her mother.

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“The lockdown made life even more miserable. But it had a silver lining too. During the lockdown, Anil used to come every day with his employer to distribute food to the poor,” Neelam was quoted saying. 

As the couple started talking daily, they developed a friendship that blossomed into love. Eventually, their bond grew stronger and Anil convinced Neelam to give up begging. Then one day, he proposed to her and they decided to get married. The wedding happened at the Lord Buddha Ashram where everyone maintained social distancing. Several activists attended the wedding. Well, congratulations to the happy couple!

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