This Pakistani Starbucks Parody Cafe, ‘Sattar Buksh’ Serves An LOC Pizza And It’s Witty AF

When you think of LOC, what do you see? I know I think war, loss, blood and fear, but Pakistan’s cafe, Sattar Buksh doesn’t see that. They see cheese and drool pools.

Pakistan’s got a parody cafe of Starbucks, called Sattar Buksh, and their menu is giving us some witty inspiration, especially with their LOC Pizza.


This pizza has beef on one side and veggies on the other! With each of the nation’s flags on either side. It’s a really nice take on uniting both the nations on the pizza front. Because who doesn’t like pizza?


They previously fought a legal notice from the Starbucks franchise, changed their logo and are back with a bang!


They seem to have pretty cool signboards.


And some witty mugs!


And beautiful setting with funky furniture!


And looks like they promote local talent too!

Looks like any other cafe we’d chill in, so kudos to Sattar Buksh, if we’re ever on the other side, we promise to visit and have a bit of the peace pizza!

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