“I Went From 105 To 65 Kgs”: Remo D’Souza’s Wife Lizelle Discusses Her Weight Loss Journey

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are not intended in any way as a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a doctor/professional before choosing a fitness regimen.

Ace choreographer and actor Remo D’Souza recently lauded his wife Lizelle for her impressive weight loss transformation. Taking to social media, he wrote that the biggest battle is with yourself. “It takes a lot of hard work to get there, and I have seen Lizelle D’Souza fighting that battle and achieving what was impossible.”

Speaking to Etimes about what motivated her Lizelle said, “For me, losing weight was more of a challenge. In 2018, I considered bariatric surgery for weight loss. But the doctor told me that I will gain back the weight. 

“So in December 2018 I decided that it was high time I took things in my hands. My trainer started me off with intermittent fasting. I followed that for 15 hours and pushed it to 16 hours. In the first year, I lost around 15-20 kilos,” she said.

She reveals they have a gym set up at home so she was working out during lockdown. “I was weight training and eating all home-made food. Remo and I made it a point to take evening walks in our building compound. I pushed my intermittent fasting to 18-20 hours and would eat one meal a day,” she explains.

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Talking about her binges and cheat days she said, “As for my cheat days, everyone is scared about it because they are like a feast for me. I don’t binge on pizzas and burgers but I am more for chaat, paani-puri and sindhi kadhi. I also do a Keto cheat wherein I call for a Keto ice-cream or a Keto pizza.

Lizelle touched upon the methods she tried and said, “I think Keto works the best. It is high fat but my intake is through Greek yoghurt, avocado and I drastically lost 8-9 kilos. Altogether I managed to go from 105 to 65 kilos. I have had two caesareans and I know I will not go back to what I was before.

She stresses on the importance of listening to your body and taking breaks in the diet or workout regimen. “Your body gives you signals if something is not going right. I was getting a few vertigo issues, so I thought maybe it is because of my strict diet. So I went slow, for Ganpati too, I took a break for three days,” reveals Lizelle.

Speaking of what lies ahead, she adds, “I have a target to lose another 10 kilos by December, post that, I plan to go for tummy tuck and Remo is supporting me, my kids are supporting me.”

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