Men Reveal Hilarious Things They Learnt About Women Once They Started Living With Them

They say that you only really get to know a person once you start living with them. It is only then that you see all the different sides of them – the good and also the messier bits. And living with a woman can be like reading a suspense-filled novel for many, for they have several chapters worth of character traits and habits!

Men on Reddit have been revealing the amazing and bizarre things they got to know about women once they started living with them. It is quite a revelation for those who haven’t lived with a woman before!

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For example, we have recreational habits which might strip you off of your bathroom privileges.

You’ll get to know the various ways in which society is unjust to us.

And that there are strict rules you should never break.

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Please, PLEASE let us know of any “surprise” plans you might have. We like to plan things.

You can never have enough moisturizer. And body-cream. And hand-cream. And body-yoghurt.

Like, duh.

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We apologise for the hair. It was a surprise for us too.

Kitchen items go where we want them to go.

Didn’t they teach you space maximization?

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Sorry, not sorry. We’ll buy them anyway. Because, RIP logic.

The curious case of ‘period panties’.

Here’s one of our many superpowers.

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Where do they go? We’ll never know.

We mark our territory that way.

We leave evidence everywhere.

OMG didn’t you know?

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One thing is for sure. You will never not be entertained if you live with women! *collars up*

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