Desi Guy Claims He Lives In A Cosy Library With 8,000 Books, Gets Rishtas Online


Libraries are a magical place for all bibliophiles. We have come across many fascinating stories of new libraries cropping up all around us. For instance, Aizawl’s mini roadside library that provides free books to promote reading, or Pune students setting up their own ‘open library’ that’s accessible 24×7 & free for all.

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But as an ardent book lover myself, I have always faced the dilemma of wanting to buy more and more new books, but having no place to keep them on my shelf. But this new Twitter post is giving me some much needed inspiration.

As per Hindustan Times, a Twitter user posted pictures of rooms stacked with books and claiming to “live in a library”. One of the images shows a wall covered with wooden bookshelves from top to bottom, similar to that of a library, and also a study table. The other image shows walls covered similarly with bookshelves and a cozy corner with a wooden rocking chair stationed at the nook. Check out the photos below:-

Here are some of the excited reactions Indian tweeple had, many of whom longed to have their own personal library as well:-

And then there were a whole bunch of marriage proposals which require a different section of their own:-

Looks like books truly are the key to a better future. What do you think of this? Do you also yearn to flaunt a book collection like this? Tell us!

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