15 Things You Learn When You Live Away From Home

Leaving home for work or studies always seems like an adventure trip. And in a way it turns out to be one, when the various ups and downs make us realize what is most important in our lives:

1. You realize that your hometown is much closer to your heart than you ever thought

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2. You start valuing money and appreciate what you already have

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3. You learn all sorts of management skills

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4. You learn to solve your own problems

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and it makes you more humble because life is a long lesson on humility.


5. You become independent: cooking, cleaning & taking care of yourself

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6. You start to enjoy travelling


You become a traveler.


7. You become more responsible



8. Although you have the freedom to party like crazy, you start doing it responsibly



9. You meet new people who challenge your opinions..


..and it helps develop your own.


10. You learn how to deal with the real world. You get to know the true faces of people



11. You realize the importance of having friends and how they become your family away from family



12. You start valuing your relationships more

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because the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.


13. There is nothing warmer than a mother’s hug..



..and nothing truer than your father’s words



14. And when you finally earn and manage on your own, it makes you feel proud..



..and your parents prouder



15. It’s only then that you realize you have finally grown up!

Maturity is not when we start speaking about big things, it’s when we start understanding the small things. And putting up on your own teaches exactly that.

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