The Good, Bad & Ugly: People Discuss The Realities Of Living Alone For The First Time

The most adult thing a person can do is move out of their parents’ home and live by themselves. Living alone comes with a lot of freedom but also grown-ass responsibilities like earning enough money to afford rent, paying one’s own bills, filing tax returns, cooking, cleaning, and much more.

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And if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, experienced Redditors are spilling the beans on what to (and what not to) expect from this life-changing experience.

What are the things people don’t tell you about living alone? from AskReddit

You’ll have to deal with all the household chores but also any insects and bugs that might invade your home.

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On the plus side though, the bed’s all yours and no one is going to scold you for not cleaning your room.

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It can get a little stressful and lonely at times, but the privacy and personal growth is totally worth it, don’t you think?

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