16 Awesome Ways That Make Living Alone Heavenly

When was the last time you went to the movies alone?
When was the last time you were in a room alone and didn’t get an impulse to check your texts?

We are so connected to everyone and so used to the company of people, we are afraid to even spend a few minutes with ourselves. But being alone is liberating in a way, especially after a full day spent in the company of other people.

Some of them are the small joys of being alone, and some of them go deeper than the surface.

1. You can keep the bathroom door unlocked

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Walk in and out without any concern.


2. If you cook, the cooking is done in a jiffy

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And not a lot of dishes to wash after. Cooking for one is the best!


3. No snoring to disturb your sleep

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And you can snore guilt free too.


4. When your jam comes on, you can actually dance like no one is watching

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Let yourself free.


5. You can walk everywhere with no pants

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Because walking around with no pants is the best feeling ever.


6. No permission to be asked when your friends come over

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And no curfew at all.


7. You can be as loud as you want when you have sex

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Let the fire burn as bright as it can.


8. No need to hide your precious food

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Your stash is yours alone.


9. You can keep the lights on as long as you want and turn them off as early as you want too

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10. No scenario where you find your roommates hair everywhere

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Cleaning your own hair is still tolerable.


11. You can enjoy your own company

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And learn to enjoy it too.


12. It is peaceful after a whole day of chaos

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No small talk, no awkward conversations.


13. You can sing as loudly and as badly you can and no one will mind

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In the bathroom, in the kitchen while cooking. Free.


14. No conflicts at all

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No chores to divide, no bills to calculate.


15. You can talk to yourself as loudly as you can without being labelled mad

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Deep and loud introspection.



16. You can listen to everything that plays on anything in full volume

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All your series, and games and even phone conversations.

Living with roommates is always a compromise, and because of that, we end up doing a lot of things we don’t mean to do or want to do.

As they say, It is good to be alone than in bad company

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