Punjab, Haryana HC Refuses To Protect Live-in Couple As ‘Social Fabric Will Get Disturbed’

Recently, a girl hailing from Patti Dhamtan Sahib in Haryana’s Jind went to Punjab & Haryana High Court to seek protection for herself and her live-in partner who is a resident of Rasidan village in the same district. According to India Today, since they eloped they allegedly faced threats and they feared that the girl’s family might harass them or implicate the man in a false criminal case.

Their lawyer sought protection citing the nature of their relationship and also said, “such type of relationship will certainly put an end to the dowry.”

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TOI quoted Justice Anil Kshetarpal observing,

“Petitioner no.1 (Girl) is barely 18 years old whereas petitioner no.2 (Boy) is 21 years old. They claim to be residing together in a live-in relationship and claim protection of their life and liberty from the relatives of petitioner no.1 (Girl).”

Live Law further quoted him adding,

“If such protection as claimed is granted, the entire social fabric of the society would get disturbed. Hence, no ground to grant the protection is made out.”

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Here is how people reacted to the rejection of the plea:

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