Little Kiddo Grooving To ‘Dil Chori Sada Hogaya’ Will Make You Forget About Dancing Uncle


The internet is a treasure-trove of talent. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes and some of you might even wanna elbow me about the incessant trolling that has come in dahej with the social media boom but hear me out…where else would we have found the indomitable, now-viral Dancing Uncle?

While we are still at that, remember his killer moves to Bollywood song Aap Ke Aa Jane Se? Yes, the same moves that made Govinda a fan! Of course, you do. But if you thought that it doesn’t get any better well, you might wanna reconsider.

Why? Cause the Internet has done its thing and has brought us another gem. A video of a little kiddo dancing/grooving to another Bollywood hit number Dil Chori Sada Hogaya and I’m at loss of words!


From matching expressions to mouthing lyrics this baby girl right here is a badass and I wish I could match half of her thumka!

You think I’m exaggerating, don’t you? Go ahead watch the miracle unfold.

W.O.W. Amirite?

It goes without a mention that the clip (of a child I’d want to elect as my president) is going viral with innumerable shares and honestly, we can totally see why. I mean, I don’t think dancing uncle would mind losing the crown to her. Well, crown or not, she has our heart! <3

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