Listening To Adele, Especially ‘Hello’ & ‘Someone Like You’ Reduces Stress While Driving

I’m pretty sure your go-to solution to get out of a bad mood is music. I don’t know how many times I have danced to ‘I Hate Love Stories’ while trying to get over a heartbreak. And surprisingly, it works!

However, one study has found that listening to songs by Adele, especially ‘Hello’ and ‘Someone Like You’, can relieve stress while driving and keep their hearts healthy, reported News18.

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The study was conducted by researchers from two universities in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Oxford Brookes University, and the University of Parma, Italy.

They studied 5 women and asked them to drive 3km on a busy day during rush hours which took around 20 minutes. On their first round, they were asked to drive without music and were allowed to play music on their second round. Their heart rates were measured throughout their respective journeys.

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According to a report by Mail Online, the songs which were on their playlist were songs by Adele, Enya, Christian musician Chris Tomlin’s instrumental tracks, and a meditation tune called Electra by Airstream.

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“We found that cardiac stress in the participants in our experiment was reduced by listening to music while they were driving,” said one of the researchers.

They claimed that if driving induces stress on some people, their bodies tend to release chemicals which speed up the heart rate, thereby increasing blood pressure. This increases the risk of a heart attack.

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So, if you’re someone who gets stressed while driving, you know which songs to listen to!

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