UP Liquor Shop Owner Showers Customers With Flower Petals As Shop Opens After 40 Days

Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs allowed liquor shops to reopen in green, orange, and red zones. However, they were asked to ensure customers maintain social distancing. This piece of news had people celebrating across the country!

Today liquor shops finally lifted their shutters and boy oh boy did people jump at the first sight of alcohol! Not just customers, but liquor shop owners are also celebrating being back at business. So much so, a liquor shop owner from Mirzapur was seen showering his customers with flower petals outside his shop, reports News18.

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Have a look at the video here:

The video has people on the internet cracking jokes about how the shop keeper’s act is justified because customers are akin to god!

It is no doubt that the reopening of liquor shops is a welcome move by the government because many people were considering making alcohol at home! One father-son duo even tried to do so but got busted!

According to a report by The Indian Express, a 56-year-old man along, his 26-year-old son, and another youth had prepared 30 litres of wine and five litres of ‘Sunda Kanji’, another intoxicant, in Chennai. They had prepared the liquor inside their own house. Following a tip-off and scrutiny, the 3 got arrested by the police.

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While the opening of liquor shops is happy news for many, incidents of customers flouting social-distancing norms were reported from several areas. We hope that this is rectified so that the shops wouldn’t be asked to shut down again!