Meet The Lion Queens Of India, The Bravehearts Who Rescue Lions In Gir National Park

For rescuing lions in a forest, you need to display a humungous amount of valor other than being adept.

But for these ladies, it seems as easy as ABC. Meet the lion queens of India, who rescue lions in Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat, which is home to Asiatic Lions and many leopards. Gujarat employed this team of women in the year 2007, thus becoming the first state in India to do so. Till now, they have rescued 627 lions – making it the only wildlife sanctuary in the world to attain such feat.

Watch this video by Upma Bhatnagar┬áto see this team in action. One of them is Rasilla and when you see her rescuing a leopard from a well, all you can do is wonder – “How can it be so easy?”.

That’s what women empowerment is! #Salute