Man Looking For A Flat In Bengaluru Gets Rejected By Brokers As He Didn’t Go To IIT Or IIM

No matter which city you‚Äôre in, house hunting is always a tedious task. And if you’re in Bengaluru, then not just your family background, your eating habits, relationship status, and office hours, but your LinkedIn profile and your college degree also have to be impressive.

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We got to know about this weird criteria when a man went to look for a single occupancy flat in Bengaluru, reported India Today.

The man named Priyansh Jain was shocked to know that even after his impressive profile, he was rejected by brokers in town because he didn’t have an IIT or IIM degree.

He then shared screenshots of his conversation with multiple brokers to show how arduous it is to get a house in Bengaluru.

Broker number one asked him about his work profile when he enquired about a flat via Facebook. Despite informing him that Jain is a software engineer and works with Atlassian, an Australian software company, he was asked to share his LinkedIn profile.

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When another flat broker he spoke to asked for his background, Jain truthfully told him that he’s a vegetarian and works at Atlassian. When enquired about his colleges, Jain told the guy that he studied at VIT Vellore. Vegetarian, single, software engineer, studied in a reputed college – all these pointers are good enough to get a flat, but not in the silicon valley of India.

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Despite having all these things, Jain was rejected as the owner was specifically looking for people who have studied in IIMs or IITs, are Chartered Accountants, or have a graduate degree from ISB. Clearly, he had no chance of getting the flat.

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Well, seems like it’s a common thing for brokers and flat owners to scan through a person’s LinkedIn profile before handing them the keys to the house.

If Jain could have worked hard enough to get into an IIT, he could have gotten the house smoothly. LOL! #JustBengaluruThings

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