Lilly Singh Compares Her ‘Extra Spicy’ Indian Food To McSpicy Paneer, Desis Say That’s Bland!


It’s no secret that Indian food is packed with flavors. Be it savory dishes or sweet desserts, desi khana is cooked with a ton of masalas. However, while people around the globe appreciate Indian treats, not everyone can easily digest our masaledar dishes. Speaking of which, Indian-origin YouTuber & comedian Lilly Singh recently took to social media to share her experience of eating ‘extra’ spicy desi food.

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Recalling how her lips felt like lava, Lilly compared her take out Indian food to McSpicy Paneer. Only according to her, the food was 10,000 times hotter. Whaaaaaat??!!! If you have ever tried McSpicy paneer, you know it ain’t spicy at all! Well, it seems many people agreed and pointed out how McSpicy Paneer isn’t spicy at all.

Others even gave Lilly suggestion to cool off her burning mouth. 

Well, as a desi my tolerance to spicy food is really high. Honestly, I can gulp down  3-4 green chilies with my vada pav easily. How about you? Can you eat spicy food without feeling the heat? Tell us!

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