Hilarious Video Of Lilly Singh & Diljit Dosanjh Is Every Punjabi Conversation Ever!

There is just something about Punjabis. Their energy, happy-go-lucky positive vibe, and their entire personality make them so fun to hang around with. So imagine two hilarious and popular Punjabis coming under one frame – it couldn’t get more entertaining than that!

Social Media sensation Lilly Singh aka Superwoman had recently flown down to Mumbai to attend the YouTube Fan Fest.

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Mitochondria in Mumbai.

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During her time in the country, she had the opportunity to meet Diljit Dosanjh.

Most of you would agree that Diljit is downright hilarious! His KWK episode alongside Badshah tops my all-time favourite episodes list.

So, you cannot expect anything less than magical comedy when the two came together to shoot a particular video which can make anyone go ROLF!

The video is a realistic representation of every desi conversation ever and is as relatable as it can get!

You see, all desi conversations start low key.

But in 5 seconds you’ll find them exchanging family gossip and talking about hereditary illnesses.

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If that didn’t escalate quickly, they’ll start bonding over common places they have visited over the years and share life lessons.

All this and more in roughly 2 mins!

Take a look at the video and judge yourselves!

Excuse me while I watch this on repeat thinking about every family get-together ever!

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