Lilly Asked Fans To Share Their Life Problems And Took Care Of Them One Tweet At A Time!

Lilly Singh is Twitter’s resident badass Superwoman, feminist #goals, and induces a laugh riot every single time she utters a sentence.

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Her followers love her for her boldness and wit and always have her back. Like the time Deepika Padukone spelled her name wrong on Twitter and they trolled her!

As for Lilly, she has some really amazing ways of giving back to her loyal fans. And we got a glimpse of that on Twitter today!

On the ‘super’ happy occasion of reaching 1000 vlogs, Lilly tweeted to her followers to stay tuned for something exciting.

For those who were expecting some hilarious new celebratory video, received quite a surprise. Superwoman had a rather serious question for them.

Several of her fans tweeted to her about the troubles that were plaguing them. Little did they know, something amazing was about to come their way!

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman chanelled her namesake and played superhero to her fans! In a heartwarming gesture of love, she replied to several of their tweets about the challenges they were facing by offering them help, in terms of money and support!

1. Many of them spoke about impediments in their education and Lilly swiftly replied to them, promising monetary aid.

GREs are not cheap. This person could now have a bright future!

Lilly actually put in the effort to find out how much the test would cost and offered to pay for it.

Paying for college tuition is a major concern for several students and their families. This one lucky fan won’t be bogged down by it anymore!

2. She sure managed to put a big smile on this girl and her mother’s face!

3. Wow! If a celeb I loved were paying for my gym, I’d never fudge on my workout and be super motivated. Let’s hope that happens with Natasha here too.

4. Kristin and her 10-year brother are going to be okay!

5. And now Carine has one less trouble on her plate!

6. That’s quite a touching gesture at a time when a person needs support and solidarity.

Can you imagine how thrilled these people must be feeling? They got 99 problems but thanks to Superwoman, they’ve got one less to worry about!

We’ve all seen instances of charity on birthdays and festivals. We’re even told time and again that charity begins at home. For Lilly Singh, her home is where her heart is—with her fans on social media.

So kudos to Superwoman for being the embodiment of her name and turning superhero to make her fans’ lives a lot better!

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