4-YO Rants About Lockdown Being Frustrating, Cries As She Can’t Get Her Fav Food


How would you describe your quarantine life? Is it fun, boring, productive, emotional, frustrating, all of it? Well, in case you are struggling to describe your lockdown diaries, I’ve stumbled upon a video that might summarize our feelings towards this period.

In a video shared online, a little girl sobs in frustration as everything is shut down. The 4-year-old complains how she can’t eat her favourite ice cream or go out anywhere due to the lockdown. She rants about how everything that is fun and enjoyable remains closed these days.


While her parents patiently try to console her, the kiddo says that things are getting boring and frustrating. She exclaims how the only thing that is open is ‘Nothing’. She then points out how germs are getting around people and making them sick and that is why we should remain at home.

Have a look at the entire video: 



Wow, the lil girl not only expressed her emotions adequately but also understood the gravity of the situation.  Many people were left impressed by how her parents let her express her feelings and how the young girl did it so eloquently. 

Relatable much?! What do you think? Tell us!

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