11 Life Saving Facts That Might Help You In Case Of An Emergency

There’s no time or place for accidents, they just happen. When you find yourself stuck in a dicey situation what do you do? Here are some simple facts derived from the common sense of survivors which can help you a lot in dealing with difficult situations.

Let’s have a look:-

1. If somebody is stabbed with an object, do not pull it out (unless it’s blocking an airway)

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Pulling out the object might increase the blood loss and might increase the risk of inflicting more damage.


2. If you’re trapped in a fire in a building, stay low

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All the breathable air is near the ground.


3. Pee-at-home pregnancy test can be used to detect testicular cancer

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If you’re a guy then you can try this (just for fun, of course). But, if the stick shows that you’re pregnant you might want to visit your doctor. It may be a sign of testicular cancer.


4. If you get stuck in a riptide, swim parallel to the ocean. Swimming towards the shore will tire you faster

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5. If you’re crying for help you should call out to specific people like “Hey, you in the red shirt” because people tend to respond to specific calls faster than general calls for help

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6. Remember the rules of three when you are stuck in a dangerous situation

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7. If you’re stranded in water and you’re wearing jeans, you can use them as a floatation device

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Tie the end of legs in knots so that air can get trapped inside. Watch how to do that here.


8. If in a group photo you’re the only one with red eye, visit a doctor. It can be related to a form of eye cancer

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If you’re the only person in the group photo with a red eye, get your eyes tested. It might be a sign of retinoblastoma, a form of cancer.

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9. If someone has a concussion, hold their head up high so that the fluid doesn’t get accumulated in the brain

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10. If you ever get stuck amidst poisonous gas leakage, don’t run in panic. Find a heavy cloth and get it soaked with water and put it around your nose covering the whole mouth

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The soaked cloth will absorb most of the poisonous gas and it won’t easily get into your respiratory system.


11. If you encounter a bear, always remember “If it’s black, fight back. If it’s brown, lay down.

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This is a popular saying coined by people with first-hand experience of bear attacks. Please note that ‘fight back’ doesn’t actually mean that you attack the bear, it simply means that you can scare it away. First, it’s necessary that you learn to recognize a bear.

  • A black bear isn’t always black. Black bears have smaller shoulder muscles and don’t have a hump, brown bears or Grizzlies usually have very strong shoulder muscles which appear as a hump on their back. Black bears are usually smaller in size and don’t usually hunt humans. You can scare them away by making noises.
  • If it’s a brown bear you can fool it by pretending to be dead as brown bear don’t usually scavenge.

Most of these facts are common knowledge as gathered from the experiences of different people. You can come with your own ways of survival according to the situation you are in. The only thing important during a time of emergency is to try and remain calm and use your presence of mind.

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