Super Mario Turned 30 Today. Here Are 13 Life Lessons Mario Taught Us.

The last I played Mario was more than 10 years back but like most people, it was my foray into the video game world. A lot of things have changed since then, but the man with the best moustache in video games is still as popular as ever.

Looking back in time, in retrospect, I realize that life is like a game of Super Mario.

So here are 13 life-lessons, Mario teaches us:

1. We go through various stages in life before we accomplish something. There are disappointments but at the end of each stage there are minor accomplishments too.

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2. Heartbreak, failure, losing money leaves us feeling small from the inside. Just like Mario looks after losing a life.

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3. You will face stiff challenges in your journey viz. ducks, tortoises or dinosaurs. You have to keep moving forward.

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4. You have to jump, run, crouch, hide, swim to survive. In short you have to adapt to any situation life throws at you.

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5. Chase your dreams.

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6. You will meet several people in your life before finding the perfect match. Some of them might even hurt you.

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7. It doesn’t matter which section of the society you belong to, you will always end up finding your princess.

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8. Time’s running out. You should take risks and be adventurous.

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9. We all have Luigi, a companion, a bro. But we realize that sometimes, we have to be our own hero.

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10. Money is important, but don’t lose your life trying to get too greedy

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11. Some people need to GET A LIFE!

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Alternative interpretation: The more you absorb from your surroundings, the larger (knowledge wise) you become.


12. You might enter a few pots or sometimes fall in little potholes. You need to fall 7 times, get up 8.

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13. But your princess lives in a different castle. Sometimes, life can be a bit unfair. But who cares, you’re Super Mario. Just keep chasing.

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Happy Birthday, Mario. Thank you for making my childhood awesome. ?

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