13 Lessons About Love We Learn From Our Parents


If there’s one thing you should thank the generation gap between you and your parents is that they have a lot of advice to give about everything, including love. Just take your parents’ marriage, for instance- they fight, crib, disagree, and pull pranks on each other, but you can see just how loving and accepting they are of each other just from the small things they do for each other- making each other tea, Ma finding Dad’s socks when he needs them, and Dad cooking when Ma falls ill.

With modern relationships, people are turning to be more and more intolerant of the smallest of things. We may not notice it, but it is pop culture that’s been setting unrealistically high dating standards that are making us more and more unhappy with ourselves, and our lives. Let us, for a moment, look at the things we can learn about love looking at our parents.

1. If there’s a problem, you solve it; not run away from it

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Escapism is a fad in modern day relationships. Instead of thinking about ending it, try and think of a way around it, and make it work.


2. Love isn’t only about the highs, but also about how you handle the lows

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You’re not always going to have happy, lovey-dovey, and romantic all the time. There will be negatives. But love is being okay the highs, and moving past the lows.


3. Having everything in common with them should not always be the goal

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Ross and Rachel. Paleontologist and Marketing in fashion. You may not have similar tastes or preferences, but that shouldn’t make you think that you might not get along. It’s about making a connection over how you think, not what you do.


4. The best compliments given are the ones least expected

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Catching someone off-guard and telling them you think they did that really nice thing that day. That.


5. Little surprises, once in a while, are deeply cherished

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Getting someone flowers when they’re sick.


6. Distance is just a number

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As long as you know you want it to last, distance doesn’t matter. Really.


7. You must have someone who compensates for the qualities you lack, and vice versa

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A die-hard romantic like Ted would need someone like a practical Robin to make him a little more realistic. And Robin would sure need someone like Ted to bring colour, love, and mush into her life. In a way, they complete each other. Think about how your parents’ qualities match. You’ll know.


8. There’s a thin line between compromise and sacrifice

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And you should know when to not cross it.


9. There are many ways to tell someone that you love them, without having to say it

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Just something as simple as putting a blanket on them when they’re sleeping. It counts.


10. Arguments with someone you love are a common thing; don’t make it a big deal

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Fight, make up, and let it go.


11. Communication is important

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Always. Share. Your. Feelings.


12. Know when to hold on to an argument and when to let go of it

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Don’t keep something in your mind and let it affect you. And if there’s something that does, talk about it, and clear it out. Stat.


13. And finally, you know that if your parents could find and keep love for decades, so can you

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It’s all about faith. It’s all about love. You know it; you’ve grown up feeling the love all along. 🙂

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