Meet Licypriya Kangujam, The 7-Year-Old Climate Activist From Manipur

16-year-old Greta Thunberg is known the world over for her work on climate change. The environmental activist has also been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Recently, she travelled from Europe to the US in a zero-emission yacht to minimise her carbon footprint.

India also has its own Greta Thunberg, 7-year-old Licypriya Kangujam from Manipur. The Class II student has taken it upon herself to urge the government to take concrete steps and save the environment. Earlier, she stood outside the parliament with a sign that said, “Dear Mr. Modi and MPs, pass the climate change law and save our future.”

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In June 2018, she founded “The Child Movement” to fight the climate crisis. She is the youngest participant of COP14. And India Today reports that on August 31, she was recently awarded the “World Children Peace Prize 2019” from Global Peace Index – Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), in the Maldives.

DNA India quoted her saying,

“My heart feels sorrow for people who cannot help themselves when disaster strikes. I cry when I see children losing their parents. My country has met disasters like earthquake, flood, landslide, etc. These are all the impact of climate change.”

She added, “I have planted hundreds of trees. I am cleaning the seas and rivers with my supporters in various countries. And I am telling people to plant millions of trees by travelling to various countries for my child movement.”

When questioned about a possible trip to New York for the UNGA, she replied saying,

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“Not sure. Because I have to go to my school and I have to do my homework. If I am not studying then how my brain could be smart! I am attending lots of programs because I love them and they love me.”

With regard to her moniker, she remarked,

“Yes, it is true. People call me Greta of India, but truly I am Licypriya of India”.

She has spoken on many prestigious platforms like United Nations Asia – Pacific Climate Week 2019 in Bangkok, Destination Climate Action Summit 2019 and International Conference on Sustainability Education 2019 in New Delhi.

On October 21, she will be marching from India Gate to Parliament House along with 1 million school children to get the Climate Change Law enacted. More power to her!

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