A Man Finishes A Letter 15 Years After Starting It And The Reason Is Heartbreaking

Roses, chocolates, expensive dinners, and what not; isn’t this what you would shower your loved ones with?  But amidst all these minor, but unnecessary details, we forget to give our loved ones the one thing that matters most to them, the one thing they will cherish more than anything – a thank you.

You thank a random strangers everyday for helping you out when you need it, and you should. But how many times do you wake up in the morning and thank your partner for tolerating your tantrums, for loving you unconditionally, for understanding you like nobody else does, and for being with you when even you wouldn’t want to be around yourself?

This beautiful and heart rending video by EmotionalFulls sends out a deep message of why you should thank the people you love in your life, when you have the time to.

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