He Decided To Feed Kids Begging On Streets And The Joy It Gave Him Was Immense

When theĀ internet is not available even for a few hours, most of us get fidgety and feel slightly handicapped. We are so addicted to this luxury that it has become quintessential for our survival.

Yet there are many for whom the word ‘Internet’ itself is Greek and Latin. They struggle to survive even on the margins and spend many nights lying hungry in their bed with empty bellies. And their last resort is begging on the streets for food.

A resident of Ahmedabad, Pankaj Wagh, was in the Ashram Road area when he noticed small kids begging for money. They claimed they were very hungry. As Pankaj gave them money, he noticed that the children ran to their parents who were sitting close by.

They gave the money to their parents who kept them in the hungry pockets, only to send the kids back to the streets. The kids who couldn’t take their eyes off the food people were enjoying in the close by food joints were running around again, bare feet and clad in torn clothes.

Pankaj decided to do something about it. He asked people to donate for the kids food and created a Facebook page about it. They called the initiative ‘Let’s Give Food’. Soon some support poured in and with some help from his teammates, he set out to feed the kids.


They went to the McDonald’s on the Ashram road and the kids who approached them to beg for money were asked to sit inside. They bought happy meal packages for each kid and treated them with the toys they received.



They even included names of the people who provided the funds to treat the kids. People who had funded the cause were based abroad and were ecstatic to see the happy faces of these young kids.



The joy of seeing the happy faces encouraged them to do this more often and they are planning to do this on first, third and fifth Saturdays of every month. They hope that more people relate to the cause and join their ordeal.

It feels great to see people bringing the change rather than sitting behind and complaining about how the situation of the country is never going to change.