12 Lessons We Tend To Learn Too Late In Life

You are never too old to learn new things.

These things can be realizations about the past too, and even though we say that we should let go of the past, it is a very good place to think and meditate about. To introspect and retrospect.

As we grow old, we become wiser, if not smarter and we realize many things we forgot to realize in our past, even when it was staring at us right in the face.

1. Listening is more rewarding than talking

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People like it when people listen to them, and you can glean a lot about people when you listen intently. People like talking about themselves, not because they want you to listen, but they want to talk about themselves.

And in today’s world, everyone is very eager to tell their own story, and no one wants to listen. Be one of the listeners. It goes a long way in improving your perspective about people.


2. You are replaceable

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You may think that you are the best at what you do, and there is no one like you and you are unique and special. You are special and unique – no issues there. But do not for a second think that no one is better than you.

Be it a job or relationship, you are easily replaceable by someone better. There is always someone who has a better skill set and is a better person than you are.

Do not take your jobs and relationships for granted. Value them and don’t have an arrogant belief in yourself.


3. Time flies quicker than you assume and realize

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People are so busy with day to day struggles that they do not even stop and think about their own life in general. About how they can make their life more meaningful. More memorable.

It is only after years we sit back and think of things we should have done in life. Do not let your life pass you by. Seize it by the throat and make it count. Make it memorable.


4. You should have taken care of your body

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In the health of youth, we forget that we are mortals. We recover from illnesses in just days and fatigue is unheard of.

But then comes the first whopper in the form of a blood sugar or a blood pressure report and you wonder what you did wrong.

Good health is a prerequisite to leading a full life.


5. You should have spoken up when you had the chance and done things when you had the chance

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If you get an impulse to talk to a girl and ask her out, do it.

If you wanted to quit the job you are doing right now, and go for something you always wanted to do, even if it doesn’t pay, do it.

Regret screws up your peace of mind later in life. What if the girl rejects you? It doesn’t matter. At least, you asked. Rejection you can live with.

Regret is much heavier a baggage than rejection.


6. Stay in touch with your close people

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Yes, they will not live with and around with you forever, but that doesn’t mean that you lose touch with them. Life is always happier and fuller when you have your close friends around you, or at least in touch with you.

Sharing your life with people is what makes it so special.


7. Patience truly is a virtue

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Learn to wait for things. Learn to wait for people. Impatience makes you irritated, patience gives you calm. A lot of situations can be handled properly if you are just calm and patient.

But in the age of deadlines and 30-minute deliveries, we think that it is actually right to hurry into things.

Be patient. Do not let the waiting disturb your inner peace.


8. Do not let your ego determine your actions

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Stop caring what people who don’t matter think about you. Because no matter how good you are to them, eventually they will do or say something that will affect you detrimentally. Stop getting upset over these things. Do not let them affect you. Accept them and carry on.


9. You should have learned to forgive way, way back

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Holding grudges is a very expensive proposition. Learn to let people go. Learn to forgive so that the emotional baggage you haver of them is also gone.

Keeping grudges makes you a hateful person. Detach from people who have done wrong by you. Forgive them and move on.


10. Plan for your old age – financially

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It is never too early to start saving for your old age.

Actually, the sooner you start saving, the earlier you can retire and walk into the sunset like a boss. Remember, if you are going to live even until 70, there are a good 20 years you have to live without earning anything.

And today’s world has taught us that counting on your kids to take care of you isn’t the best proposition either.


11. It is never too late

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It is never too late to start learning. It is never too early to do the things you wanted to do earlier in life. If you do have regrets about your past, nullify them by doing them today.

Age is never a barrier to live a life to the full.


12. Friends are forever, lovers are not. Prioritize properly

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How many times has it happened that we have let go of our friends because of a lover, only to suffer from a heartbreak later and not find a friend by your side?

Friends are always going to be there. Lovers are not.

There isn’t anything wrong in realizing something late. At least, you are┬árealizing it. And that is a good enough proof of learning and being receptive.

But if a piece of wisdom comes across you early in life – seize it. And if you retrospect deeply, most of these advices come from our parents themselves.

And even if you do not, it is never too late to learn something.

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