2 Lesbian Cousins Marry In A Varanasi Temple Against All Odds Proving Love Wins!

On September 2018, India took a step forward after ruling out section 377 of the IPC and decriminalising homosexuality. It was time for celebration and the streets were filled with people carrying rainbow coloured flags. It was a massive win for the LGBTQ+ community. However, in the more conservative parts of the country, anything beyond the conventional gender relations and identity is stigmatised and still has a long way to go to become a more inclusive society. But, there is always a first!

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A lesbian couple, who also happen to be cousins, from Rohaniya, Uttar Pradesh, recently got married in Varanasi against their families’ wishes, leaving the entire community in shock. According to sources, this is probably the first same-sex marriage in Varanasi.

Considering the kind of conservatism that is prevalent in Varanasi, a place which is considered to be the religious capital of India, this is a huge step ahead!

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When the two women went to the temple to get married, the priest downright denied performing their rituals. But the couple remained adamant and stayed at the temple till the priest was forced to give in to their wishes. They were dressed in jeans and t-shirts with their heads covered with a red chunni. After the ceremony, the newly-weds took on social media to post a picture of themselves.

However, before the picture could cause a stir in the community, the couple fled the spot. Seeing the two girls left the locals in shock. They in-turn slammed the priest for performing their marriage rituals.

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Nevertheless, love wins against all odds!