Desi Twitter Is Trying To Identify The Animal Perfectly Camouflaged In A Field

‘Spot the animal’ games are a great way to divert your mind and channelize your inner Sherlock for a little while. We have come across many such pictures which have honestly left us scratching our heads. For instance, when people online tried to spot a copperhead snake perfectly camouflaged amid dried leaves, or this pup-tical illusion where one had to find a pug hidden in plain sight at a park.

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Coming up with another challenge, IFS officer Ramesh Pandey took to Twitter to share a drone image of a leopard’s rescue operation in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh. He asks users to zoom in to find the animal.

The post has accumulated several reactions from curious and impressed users:

  1. Many guessed it right!

2. Others were left amazed at how the leopard blended in with its surroundings

3. The rest were grateful for the rescue operation.

How long did it take you to spot the leopard? Tell us!

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