Video Shows 2 Motorcyclists Narrowly Escape Being Attacked By A Leopard

The cases of animal-human conflicts are all around us. A while back, a scary video showed a tiger chasing two forest officials in Kerala. At times, people have also had to fend off attacks like a 14-year-old who saved his cousin from a leopard and a brave mom who protected her baby from one.

Now IFS Susanta Nanda has shared a video of a leopard attempting to pounce on a motorcycle with two riders but missing and disappearing into the forest. Take a look.

News18 reports that the video was captured by people seated in a car while waiting for the creature to cross the road at night. The exact location of the video is however unknown. According to the IFS officer, the motorcyclists did not wait and sped along, which is why the leopard seemed to attack. The snippet has over 15,000 views and 1100 likes.

Some people think that the reason the animal missed was that it was young while others believe that the riders had good luck on their side. Either way, everyone thought that the video induced goosebumps.

The tweet rightly concluded that we must all respect the wild and follow the maxim of ‘Live and let live’.

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