Because Her Lehenga Was 2-Inches Short, Delhi Bride Fought With A Shop For 8 Years! Hain?


“Bachanpan se hi mujhe na shaadi karne ka bada craze hain by God!”


Ladies, do you find this relatable? Have you in your head always imagined what your wedding day would be like? From planning the whole event to picking out embroidery designs, you have a plan inked?

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How would you react when the most important day of your life is ruined? That too because of a lehenga? Don’t know about you, but a Delhi woman fought for 8 years to get payback for the humiliation and embarrassment caused because her wedding lehenga was 2-inches short.

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And, her 8-year-fight resulted in getting the Chandni Chowk bridal studio to pay the cost of the lehenga, i.e. ₹64,000. The Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission directed the studio to also awarded Rs 50,000 to the woman as compensation for harassment and humiliation faced.

Not only that, the studio will also have to pay ₹5 lakh towards consumer welfare fund of the state as the punitive damages in respect for those who may have gone through something similar and are not identifiable.


Judicial member NP Kaushik told India Today,

“The woman bore the embarrassment of wearing a short lehanga at the time of wedding. The couple’s grievance aggravated when the store representative added prominent joint to increase the length and which made it look awkward and despite this, the complainant was asked to pay alteration charges.”

Back in 2008, when she was about to get married and went for a trial at the studio, the lehenga was short and the end was not uniformly round. She was promised alterations and rectifications by the store people. When the bridal wear arrived, she assumed that it was perfect and didn’t have a trial.


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But on the day of the wedding, she had to wear the short lehenga and was left embarrassed.

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Later, she went to the store to get it corrected, the manager of the store kept the lehenga, made excuses of being unable to work on it due to insufficient staff and workload.


When they did correct the length, they put a visible joint to the dress and made it unwearable. She lost her patience and complained about it and was abused at and misbehaved with by the staff members.

But justice was served. The court also expressed disappointment on seeing the judicial time spent on such a petty litigation and it took eight years to reach a decision.


Is it too early to crack “Yeh mera lehenga, bada hain mehenga” joke from China Gate? *thinks, yes*

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