Leh Taxi Mafia Attacked Tourist Convoy. Here’s The Video Captured From One Of The Cars.

Here’s what happened

1. Instead of competing with self-drive rental car services and other travel agents, local taxi union mafia at Leh-Ladakh decided among themselves that self-drive rental cars (e.g. Zoomcar etc.) won’t be allowed to operate in their ‘area’.

2. So, the mafia resorted to gundagardi by harassing rental cars. But soon the situation turned worse when random cars (including private cars) were also attacked.

4. A few days back, a Team-BHP member recounted the horrific encounter with such a mob and posted a series of photos.

Image source
Image source

5. This dashcam video shows exactly how the mob carries out its gundagardi in broad daylight.

It sends a chill down my spine to read this part of the story:

The mob spared no-one. Two Thars in our convoy were driven by ladies, and both vehicles were attacked by iron rods. They even tried to pull out the passenger from one Thar after breaking his window with a stone and hitting him on the upper arm. Fortunately the door lock knob broke and they were unable to open the door. They then sped away from the scene.

Why is such hooliganism allowed to flourish at one of the most loved tourist destination of the country?

The Ministry of Home Affairs & the Jammu and Kashmir government is answerable & should take appropriate steps to stop this  immediately.

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