Sandwiches To Parathas, Desis Reveal How They Use Leftover Food To Make A Whole New Dish

For those who live in a typical desi household, wasting food is NEVER an option. Because if you do, Annadata will curse you. So whenever we have leftover food, we neatly store it in the fridge so that the next day, we can make a totally new dish out of it.

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For example, a Punjabi guy recently tweeted a picture of a dabba packed with sabzi and asked if it can be used to make paratha or a sandwich.

Because if you’ve grown up in a desi household too, you’d know that literally ANYTHING can be used to make a sandwich, a roll, and a paratha. Alu Gobi Sandwich? Yes. Butter Chicken Pasta? Yes. Methi Saag Roll? Of course.

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And people online are revealing the various creative ways in which they use leftover food. Like, did you know you can use leftover rice to make parathas? You can also use gravy and mix it with rice to make a pulao! Or just take leftover sabzi fry, add it on top of pizza bread, add cheese to it and wollah, your ‘sabzi fry pizza with extra cheese’ is ready!

Have a look at some of the tweets here!

Its a blessing to be brought up in a desi household. You not just grow up hate wasting food, but also use your creativity to its maximum!

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