11-YO Malayali Girl From Dubai Gets Lauded For Creating AI App to Detect Eye Diseases

We all know that if you have talent then nothing can stop you from doing great things and neither age or any other kind of obstacle can stop you from realising your dreams.

Testimony to this is Leena Rafeeq, an eleven-year-old girl who has shocked everyone with her coding talent.

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Hailing from Dubai, Leena is a self-taught coder. She started programming, playing with numbers and developing websites from a very young age. At just the age of six, she was able to create a website from scratch for her school science exhibition.

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The child prodigy created an artificially intelligent mobile app named Ogler EyeScan at the age of 10. Through his marvelous invention, she intends to detect various eye diseases and conditions through a unique scanning process using an iPhone.

Now, a year after the invention of this AI app, she has finally submitted it to the app store from where iOS users can access her app. Recently, she shared her latest achievement on LinkedIn and wrote:

“Exciting news! I am thrilled to announce the submission of my new Artificially Intelligent mobile app, named Ogler EyeScan. I created this Ai App at the age of 10. Ogler is capable of detecting various eye diseases and conditions through a unique scanning process with your iPhone.”
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She also shared a detail of how her app works.

“Using advanced computer vision, and machine learning algorithms, Ogler can analyze various parameters such as light and color intensity, distance, and look-up points to locate the eyes within the frame range. It also identifies any light burst issues and if the eyes are positioned exactly inside the scanner frame.

Once the scan quality is assured, the app utilizes trained models to diagnose potential eye diseases or conditions such as Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataract. This App was developed natively with SwiftUI without any third-party libraries or packages, and it took me six months of research and development to bring this innovative app to life.

I learned more about different eye conditions, computer vision, algorithms, machine learning models, and advanced levels of Apple iOS development, including sensors data, AR, CreateML, CoreML, and more.”

Ogler is currently supported in iPhone 10 and above with iOS 16+. The app is currently under app store review. Concluding her post, she wrote:

“I would be grateful for your support and suggestions as I continue to work towards improving Ogler’s models and its capabilities. Please feel free to reach out to me with any feedback or suggestions.” (sic)

You can read her original post here.

This is indeed a huge feat for this girl. Hence, people online flooded her with best wishes and some suggestions too.

We really wish your app gets listed soon. All the best.

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