Child’s Mom Tells Lebanese Protesters He’s Scared, So They Sing ‘Baby Shark’, Watch Video

Heinous crimes against women or children and policies of the government that the citizens find unacceptable often lead to public outrage. People then march on the streets to express their objection towards the same.

But such loud and harsh protests impact kids and toddlers in a bad way, usually scaring them. Something similar happened at the ongoing protests in Lebanon but the protesters’ kind gesture towards a frightened kid is winning hearts on social media.

People in Lebanon are storming the streets to raise their voices against the financial crisis and the government’s decision to hike taxes. During one such protest, the protesters were blocking a road when a mother in a car approached the crowd and asked them to let her pass as her baby was frightened.

“I have a baby, don’t be too loud,” the woman pleaded the protesters, reports CNN. So, they not only made way for the woman but also sang ‘Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo’ to comfort the scared toddler.

For the uninitiated, the Baby Shark Dance is a catchy song for children that gained popularity worldwide earlier this year.

“It was spontaneous. He likes this song. He hears it many times at home and laughs,” his mother said.

The video of the entire incident is going viral on social media. It shows the baby in shock and surprise looking at the protesters singing for him. Netizens too can’t stop praising the crowd for their impromptu performance for the 15-month-old kid.

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Kudos to the Lebanese protesters for such a thoughtful and kind gesture! What are your thoughts on the video?

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