Arshad Warsi Makes Punjabi Easy, Shares Hack To Learn The Language Using Numbers


I remember when I was in school, our teachers used to come up with tricks and hacks on how to make certain lessons simpler. Like the famous hack to write the 9-times table, or the one to find out the square root of any number. These tricks used to make learning fun and our student lives so much easier!

In an addition to such tricks, an entrepreneur and author on Twitter recently shared a genius hack to learn the Punjabi language by using numbers. He posted a chart in which there was one column containing words in English and another column containing numbers. These numbers when pronounced in Hindi translates the English words into Punjabi! Actor Arshad Warsi too shared the hack.

Have a look at the tweets here:


In case you are still scratching your heads, here’s a translation:


To say that people on the internet, including me, are amused by this hack would be an understatement! Many took to the comment section to laud the entrepreneur and say, “Paaji, tussi chaa gaye!”

Now we all know what that means!

This trick is surely going to come in handy for many! Do you know of more such hacks? Share with us!

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