This ‘Flying Motorbike’ By A French Auto Brand Looks Straight Out Of A ‘Transformers’ Movie

Science-fiction films like the ‘Transformers’ have awed and entertained us with their futuristic portrayals of machines for decades. But did you ever think that you would get to witness such a creation in reality? If you didn’t then you’re in for a real treat today.

French auto brand Lazareth has created the Lazareth LMV 496 (or La Moto Volante) and it is a flying motorcycle!

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It weighs 140 kg, has 4 wheels and a Kevlar-carbon composite body. The bike uses jet turbines and hydraulic actuators to ‘transform’ itself into a quadricopter with a push of a button. The process is said to take a minute because the wheels turn 90 degrees to get into flight mode. Lazareth says,

“The power required for takeoff is provided by Turbines. The total power delivered is around 1300 horses for 2800N of thrust. The transition from the road mode to the flight mode is done by operating a simple switch on the dashboard.”

Only 5 pieces of this model have been built and are available for order according to their website. How cool is that?

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Watch the awesome motorcycle in action here.

The company is set to unveil the bike at the Gitex exhibition, Dubai. Reports suggest that it will come with a price tag of $560,000 (Rs.3.8 crores) but we’ll have to wait until there is an official word on the figure. Whether it is a prototype, concept bike or a commercial motorcycle, it is definitely innovation at its finest.

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