Lata Mangeshkar Asks Dhoni Not To Even Think Of Retiring & Twitter Is Tearing Up!


For quite some time, there have been speculations suggesting MS Dhoni’s retirement after the World Cup. With India having been moving at a steady yet exciting pace towards a WC win, his retirement seemed like the perfect ending to his journey. However, after India’s loss to New Zealand yesterday, the picture perfect farewell seemed to fade.

However, yesterday’s match proved one thing – there is a lot more cricket left in Dhoni. After India was left with a score of 92/6 against NZ, it was Dhoni alongside Ravindra Jadeja who pushed harder to take one for the team. Even though India lost by a margin of 18 runs, Dhoni and Jadeja proved to be the heroes we needed. So much so that veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar left a heartfelt message for Dhoni!

Lata Mangeshkar recently took to Twitter to address Dhoni, asking him not to even think of his alleged retirement because the country still needs him. Read her tweet here:

Her tweet has left netizens emotional who are also asking MS to reconsider, if at all he is planning to retire.

Even though Dhoni hasn’t officially announced his retirement, it would be interesting to see his response to Lata Ji’s tweet!

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