“Because Pakistan Will Never Stop Intruding,” India Draws Virtual Walls To Seal The Border

The hope for peace between India and Pakistan has been long forgotten amidst the Uri unrest. A couple of measures have been adopted to make sure that no more lives are lost on the either sides of the border.

Border Security Force (BSF) has decided to draw a high-end laser wall between India and Pakistan to detect any kind of intrusion or break-ins at the LOC. 

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Laser walls that will be using Infrared rays and laser beams, will not only be able to detect a breach at the border but also be able to identify if that’s a man or an animal.


The walls are installed by the company of Indian origin called CRON Systems. Tushar Chabbra, founder of the company talked to DNA and said,

“The surgical strike made the situation at the borders more tense and we were requested to upgrade all existing systems with the newer technology since the BSF believes that this time around the intrusion attempts will increase.”

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“The plan is to cover the entire frontier with the new laser walls by February-March next year.”


The intrusion systems on the border were good enough but after the surgical strikes, the new series of virtual laser walls called KVI-101S system have now been requested. The new system uses IR optics and works perfectly in marshy lands and harsh weather conditions. 


“The KVI-101S system requires very little human intervention, has smarter detection capabilities and the encryptions are hack-proof.”


Former BSF inspector general Rakesh Sharma was the first one to adopt the laser technology. He said, 

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“Human error can never be neglected and therefore BSF needs the latest technology to guard our borders because the counterpart will never stop attempting to intrude. I am proud to know that these systems are being made in India.”

India is all set to step up its game against Pakistan because there is no way the country will compromise any more lives, as our counterpart doesn’t believe in playing fair.

News Source: DNA India