Larry Tesler, Inventor Of ‘Cut, Copy, Paste’ Passes Away, Twitter Says ‘Thank You’

If I were to be a 100% honest, many of my school projects wouldn’t have done well if there wasn’t a ‘cut, copy, paste’ option in my computer. And I know many of you would agree to this too! ‘Cut, copy, paste’ got us through some tough times, and we only have a man named Larry Tesler to thank for that.

Larry Tesler, computer scientist and the inventor of ‘cut, copy, paste’ recently passed away at the age of 74, reports BBC.

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After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in computer science, Tesler went on to secure a job at Xerox. It was there where he developed the “cut, copy, and paste”, a feature that went on to become the most commonly used in computers.

Besides Xerox, Tesler went on to work in a few other tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Yahoo, reports Hindustan Times.

Xerox’s official Twitter account went on to post a little tribute for Larry Tesler. Have a look:

Several people on the internet offered their condolences to Tesler. Among them were classmates and people who knew him closely. Have a look:

Rest in peace, Sir. You sure did make life easier for billions!