Lara Dutta Posts Video Revealing How Prosthetics Transformed Her To Resemble Indira Gandhi

Very few actors have managed to pull off a seamless transformation where they are unrecognizable as the new character they’re playing. Yet, Lara Dutta’s look in ‘Bell Bottom’ stunned desis. Many claimed there was no way it was the actor, who often serves up sultry looks.

In fact, such was Lara’s transformation that she reveals her husband Mahesh Bhupathi’s reaction was shock.

“My husband was shocked. He probably felt very unsettled with the look. He was like ‘I don’t want to hug you’. You don’t really look like yourself.”

However, HT reports Lara’s daughter’s Saira’s reaction was intrigue. “She saw it come alive in front of her… She came in and she saw whole silicon on my face and said, ‘Mum they are going to kill you, you can’t breathe.’ She was so worried. Ya, but having said that, she was also very intrigued and was like, ‘Can I touch the nose, the eyebrows? Can I do this, that?’.”

Lara posted a video that revealed how her makeup team transformed her into our former PM by using prosthetics. Take a look-

Reports suggest that Lara has a personal connection with the former PM, as her dad, Wing Commander LK Dutta, was Indira Gandhi’s personal pilot. “He had flown her many times and knew her personally. I grew up as a kid hearing stories about her. So, in a way, I felt an indirect personal connection with her,” she said.

Did you recognize Lara at first glance? Tell us.

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