Lara Dutta On Taking A Break From Bollywood, Says She Was Tired Of Playing Hero’s Wife & GF

Before Bollywood made way for female-centric films like Piku and Queen, female actors were mostly offered the roles of the lead actor’s wife or girlfriend. Their screentime, impact, and significance were equal or less than their male counterparts, but not more. And actor Lara Dutta got tired of it.


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By the time she reached her 30s, she was left “jaded” as she was only playing the role of the hero’s girlfriend or wife. The Indian Express quoted her saying:

“By the time I reached my early 30s, I honestly may have gotten a bit jaded. The industry was in a different space back then. You were cast because a glamourous actress had to be cast in a film. You were invariably playing the hero’s girlfriend or wife. I got tired of it.”

The reason why she did more comedy movies is because it made her feel more than just a glamorous heroine.

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“It gave me a lot more to do than be someone’s wife or girlfriend. I left my mark by doing comic films that were successful and popular. That became my sweet spot and gave me the opportunity to do more than just be a pretty glamourous heroine on screen.”


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Having started her Bollywood journey in 2003 with the film Andaaz, Lara Dutta decided to take a break from films after 2015. She dedicated her entire time to her daughter, Saira.

“By the time I had my daughter in my early 30s, I had gotten jaded and tired of that. It was important and refreshing for me to take that step away.”

Lara has made a comeback with OTT projects like ‘Hundred’ and ‘Hiccups and Hookups’. Thankfully, the film industry is moving forward.

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