Landlord Wants Daughter To Live With Tenant Because She Is Weak In Studies & He’s Doing MBBS

When you think about the possible problems that your landlord could inflict on you, them asking to let their daughter live with you is not something you are prepared for. The landlord may increase the rent by two-fold, may randomly drop by to check how the apartment is, can set curfews and a set of bizarre rules, and various other things. But you wouldn’t really think that one day, they might just ask you to let their kid live with you, now would you?

However, this is exactly what happened with a guy named Sachin, a guy studying MBBS and in his final year. His landlord apparently messaged him asking if his daughter, who is preparing for NEET, can live in a separate room in the flat. Since she is a little weak in her studies and plans on being admitted to Sachin’s college, the landlord wants her to live with him.

Sachin further revealed that he lives in a 3 BHK fully-furnished flat along with 2 other roommates in NCR.

Several people online responded by showering a lot of advice – regarding asking for a decreased rent and if at all he should let the girl stay with them because things could get dicey. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

What do you think he should do?

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