A Lamborghini Catches Fire In Delhi & We Can Literally See The Money Burning

Most of us get super psyched just with the sight of a supercar in India. Our eyes follow the car wherever it goes, just seeing it is such a luxury for us. (God, we are poor 😛 )

So, what happens when we catch sight of a Lamborghini Gallardo? Naturally, our jaws drop. And what happens when we see a burning Lamborghini Gallardo? Our hearts break.

This morning, a saffron-colored Lamborghini Gallardo suffered from a leakage in the oil tank and caught fire. The incident happened in South Delhi’s Badarpur area. Thankfully, the driver of the Italian supercar escaped the accident without any injury. However, the car worth Rs 2.7 crore charred from the rear side.

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Image source

According to a video shared by Times Now, the driver had bought the car four months back and it costed him around 4 crores. The insurance on the car was for nearly 1 crore.


Here’s the video


According to news reports, the first spark was ignited around the engine. This ultra-luxurious car was one of the most sought after cars till 2013, after which the production discontinued.

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The car was later towed to the Badarpur Police station for further investigation.


And soon social media roared and the memes began

News Source: Hindustan Times