Ladies’ Helmet Doesn’t Make Any Sense & Finally Someone On Reddit Said It Out Loud

No matter how much we talk about gender neutrality, companies that provide us ready-made items have a clear distinction between things they make for men and for women. For examples, shirts for men have broad shoulders, while those for women are more form-fitting. Even kids’ items are distinguished by blue (for boys) and pink (for girls).

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However, it makes no sense that the same kind of differentiation should be done in the case of helmets worn by men and women, right? Right?!

Reddit user waahmudijiwaah questioned the odd phenomenon called the ladies’ helmet, along with a photo, saying,


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“Why is this called ‘ladies helmet’, do females have jaws of steel?”

So, what does a gents’ helmet look like, you ask? Well, then feast your eyes:


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You can obviously notice that there’s a jaw-guard in this case, while there’s no such protection for the ladies. Now, I’m not going to lie to you. When you Google search for gents’ helmets, there are a few jaw-guard-less examples that pop up. However, when you search for ladies’ helmets, there aren’t as many specimens with the jaw-guard.

This raises the question that is the lack of a jaw-guard some kind of a style statement? Because if an accident happens (let’s hope it doesn’t), all that fashion is going to break into fragments and get lodged into your brain.

Many Redditors joined the discussion by talking about the dangers of this jaw-guard-less helmet.

So, girls (and guys who wear jaw-protection-less helmets), please note that one of the most bad-ass woman of 2018, who goes by the name of Ilsa Faust, wore a helmet with a jaw-guard while taking down Ethan Hunt. Because if she hadn’t done so, she would’ve cracked her face after Hunt ran her through with a car!

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That’s why, wear helmets that protect you. Style can come later. Much, much later.

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