Take A Peek Into The World’s Most Dog-Friendly Office. It’ll Make You Want To Quit Your Job.

If you have a pet dog, you know the pain you go through every morning when you leave for your job. The thought of you being away from your pet for some hours is devastating a little bit. But what if I tell you there is an office in the USA that allows dogs inside?

That’s right! Kurgo, a Massachusetts-based pet product start-up has the most dog-friendly office you’ve ever come across.

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Kitter Spater started this company with his brother, Gordie Spater, in 2003. The company has 22 staff members and they sell everything related to dogs – water bowls, dog toys, backpacks, and leashes.

Catering to this need, the founders also made sure of the fact that their office premises are ultra dog-friendly: making it the coolest dog house ever!

Spread across 4000 sq feet, the staff members are allowed to get their own pet dogs inside the office. Let’s take a peek into their office:

1. Each staff member has a cubicle. Inside each cubicle, there’s fake grass where the dogs can play.


2. Even the chairs are designed in such a manner that they are of dog-patting height.


3. See! So that you can have a meeting and pet your dog.


4. So much joy!


5. And wait…they even have a DOG SLIDE!


6.  Magical!


7. Do you notice the canoe? No, that’s not a real dog sitting over it.

D 7


8. Then there’s a kitchen where dogs are treated with food.


9. And the office members can play with the dogs anytime they want. 90% of the employees own their dogs.

D 9


10. They can take their dogs out for a walk at lunchtime.

D 10


11. A dog relaxing on “fake grass.”


12. An overview of the office.


13. Joe Braves, the director of finance of Kurgo, with his dog Maya.


14. And here are all the staff members of the company.

I’m sure you’re amazed!

Thinking about changing jobs already? I’m pretty sure we might get fired because we’d play with the dogs whole day. *evil smirk*

Images Source: Kurgo


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