Disgusting Video Shows Kurdish Man Smashing Cake On Pet Lion’s Face, Sparks Massive Outrage Online

Humans have been cruel to animals ever since the time of evolution. However, cruelty towards animals has seen a significant rise in the 21st century, a time when we term ourselves to be educated and progressive.

While there are several videos on the internet to drive our point home, today we talk about a particular video highlighting shameful torture towards a lion which will make your blood boil.

The clip going viral on social platforms shows a group of Kurdish men sitting with a lion. However, one of them had a cake on his hand and goes on to smash it into the poor animal’s face. The video becomes hard to watch for any animal lover as the lion jumps up in discomfort and tries to rub the cake of his face. The men continue to rub the cake on its face portraying absolutely disgraceful behavior.

Here is the video:

The video shared on Twitter by Daniel Schneider, spread like wildfire as people raised their voices against the abuse.

What’s ironic is the fact that the man who banged the cake into the big cat’s face has been identified as Blend Brifkani, head of a local NGO called the Kurdish American Cooperation Organisation. After the massive outrage on social media, Brifkani apologized for what he did to his pet lion, Leo. He mentioned that the lion is nothing but his ‘best friend’ and his actions came out excitement while celebrating Leo’s birthday!

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I have never intentionally intended to abuse Leo, moreover, I would never want to hurt him in any way. The birthday video of me and Leo was pure emotions of overwhelmingness and excitement that I had while celebrating his birthday. He has grown to be my very best friend and I love him beyond words. When I found him in the wilderness, he was alone, small and weak without a mother. If he had gotten into the wrong hands, he wouldn't have made it alive. I provided him a safe home, a good environment, veterinary care and everything needed to sustain the his health until he grew. My plan was never to keep him in captivity, but rather raise him until he was well enough and old enough to be let out into the wild again. I have built my organization on rescuing endangered animals, raising them, providing them with all the care and treatment that they need and then releasing them back into their natural habitat. One of my yearly projects include releasing captivated wild bears into the mountains, where they belong. I admit, it was wrong for throwing a cake in Leo’s face, I have let my emotions of excitement take over and I apologize to those whom I have offended. I’m not an animal abuser, I love animals! I’m constantly working on projects that show how important animals are to me, especially Leo and how much I care for his well-being. I assure you that Leo is safe and will soon return to the wild. Thank you @m.bamerni #cnn #bbc #dailymail #rudaw #lion #animals #animalrights #peta #kurdistan #iraq @dailymail @rudaw @bbc @cnn @babylonfm @peta @rickygervais @lionwhisperersa

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Though he insisted that he is not an animal abuser and has been working continuously for the welfare of lions, he should have acted responsibly while celebrating Leo’s birthday. As animal lovers, it was outright painful for us to see the desperate attempts of the animal to remove the cake of its face.

Cruelty towards animals needs to stop and right now.