Stand-Up Comedian Kunal Kamra Praises ‘Competitor’ Zakir Khan, Twitter Lauds His Humility


If you have been following India’s stand-up comedy scene for a while, you’d know Kunal Kamra and Zakir Khan. Kunal Kamra with his political sets and Zakir Khan with his amazing humour story-telling are two of the best comics we have and can leave you in splits the moment they hit the stage! However, while rivalry is common between two hot-shots coming from the same professional sphere, it isn’t the case with these two.

According to a report by The Indian Express, Kunal Kamra’s recently tweeted an incident with a fellow passenger at the airport. When he was asked what he did for a living, Kamra replied that he was a stand-up comic.

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“Matlab Zakir Khan jaise?”, asked the fellow passenger.

“Job title same hai bhai, par Zakir jaisa koi nahin. Main uske jitna kaam karne ki koshish zaroor karta hoon,” replied Kamra.

Kamra added, “Main jahan se aa raha hoon us jagah na naam hai Mumbai, access aur privilege ki duniya hai, Zakir jahan se aa raha hai uss jagah ka naam hai mehnat.”

Have a look at Kunal Kamra’s tweet here:

People on the internet are amused by how well Kunal Kamra spoke of his “competitor”. They claimed that his humility is something to learn from. Have a look!

In a world that is filled with people trying to pull others down, this sure does come as a breath of fresh air!

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