Only A Jabra Fan Can Score 10/10 In This Quiz On The Kumars Of Bollywood


Move aside Kapoors, the Kumars of Bollywood have never failed to entertain us- be it Akshay Kumar, Kishore Kumar, or Dilip Kumar. Let’s see how much you know about them!

1. How many Akshay Kumar movies have the word ‘Khiladi’ in it?

2. Which of these songs was picturised on Kishore Kumar?

3. Manoj Kumar was honoured with which civilian award?

4. Which character did Rajendra Kumar play in ‘Mother India’?

5. Dilip Kumar holds the Guinness World Record for?

6. What role did Sanjeev Kumar play in Sholay?

7. Who is this designer?

8. Who is the founder of T-Series?

9. Which of these shows was Rajesh Kumar NOT in?

10. Which of them have a Canadian citizenship?

Image Source: YouTube

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